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On the Asian gaming (universe) platform, the real casino is reproduced through high-definition big video, allowing you and the players in the casino to follow the red top and green.

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The BBIN platform provides a variety of online entertainment service platforms and game product development, whether it is sports betting, live video, electronic games, table games, lottery, etc., there are rich and diverse choices.

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The eBET entertainment platform has hundreds of well-trained professional croupiers, a realistic casino environment, stable high-end equipment, and professional technical support to ensure the stable operation of the platform and give players a wonderful experience as if they are on the spot.

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Cooperate with the largest casino in the Philippines to create a new platform for live betting, live video broadcast, and exclusive honors.

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BG Live Video has a standardized live video studio and a professional management group, which strictly monitors the whole venue to ensure that the process is completely open and transparent, and provides players with fair and just one-stop and diversified entertainment services.

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IBO live-action video combined with tele-investment elements reflects the authenticity and sense of presence of live-action entertainment, creates the most fair and just game platform, and can participate in real-world gaming feasts online.

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Royal Live Casino is a subsidiary of Royal International Entertainment Co., Ltd., which is the largest gaming company in Mongla, Myanmar. Obtained a legal gaming license issued by the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. It is the only large casino in Myanmar and Southeast Asia that has 80 gaming tables and supports live broadcasting.

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Gorgeous and passionate and unrestrained luxury style is a highlight of Sexy Baijia. It caters to the honorable and extraordinary gaming experience pursued by high-end players. With the high-quality sexy voice of live dealers, people can't help but feel the experience. It's like being in a casino.

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The top real-life brands in Europe only cooperate with first-class companies in Asia to customize Chinese dealers, which are favored by established companies.

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At present, the world's most influential and powerful gaming platform is the founding company of the world's first real-life brand-Playboy dealer.

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EA Live Casino has been standing in Asia for 20 years and holding a legal license. It is one of the few online live entertainment software system providers in the industry that only does B2B business. It guarantees the data security of customer platform players, high system stability, open services, platform, and fairness. Eight dialects and customized services make players feel more cordial and enjoy entertainment.

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N2 live action belongs to the EA Group. A new version of the system developed by a technical team with 20 years of experience in the industry provides live action and video games, live anchor interaction, and is well received by players. The N2 live-action system holds a legal license and conforms to international testing and verification. It provides players with advanced, stable and diversified system services to meet players' needs for online live entertainment.

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Have more entertainment experience and enjoy the best game process.

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Oriental Games focuses on live online video entertainment. With top game products developed by a professional team, players can experience endless fun of games, making them feel like they are in the visual and auditory enjoyment of a real casino, allowing partners to take the lead in the industry.

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Live chat and interaction with Taiwanese Thai hot girls anchors.

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The beautiful croupier hosts Baccarat, and the multi-betting function allows players to place actual bets on multiple tables at a time, providing players with fair and diversified entertainment services.

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